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3011 Paintball Jersey



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                                        3011 Paintball in the DPL



3011 Paintball is glad to have Fast'n Deadly (DPL - to accompany German Paintball league national league) in the season 2015 as a Support and to dress.
We wish Almost N Deadly a lot of success and fun in the league.




Paintball clothing suitably for your individual Paintball outfit order on With us the right thing, no matter whether Woodland or tournament player is present from the beginner up to the professional for everybody.



Our enthusiasm and passion is the impulse for everything,
what we with 3011 make with it Paintball for you always the experience becomes


Besides, we love the diversity of Paintball, no matter whether Supair, scenario or Woodland, central issue Paintball and fun. This enthusiasm also flows in with Konzipierung and the design of the clothing with. To be able to offer You respectable Paintball clothing, the boss tests together all articles of the clothing in many countless plays personally for durability and longevity with players and teams from the DPL.
Finally, you receive with us on only tested out clothing for the Paintball sport has were proved and which we ourselves also carry constantly on the Paintball. Our clothing exists almost exclusively of very robust synthetic fibers which are to be washed colorfast and easily. With Paintball clothing the washing instructions should be always considered.


Why is the clothing of 3011 Paintbal so favorable?
The favorable prices explain themselves by the fact that you can buy 3011 Paintball without long logistics ways and wholesalers directly from the manufacturer. In 2014 we had to offer the wish You not only Paintball clothing from our shop with ready designs, but we had to offer the wish quite a new service. So-called Custom Paintball of Jersey are to be found häfiger and we did not ask ourselves why then also immediately them Custom Paintball trousers fit to Jersey in addition offer? Therefore, gives `see with us to the Customjersey also the Vollcustomhose completely after your Wünschen on Everything for fair and clear prices. If we people everybody sol vielfältig are then dürfen our things it also be.


Material and pressure of our clothing
Polyester accepts little dirt and can be stretched by the high elasticity well. It has a high tearing and shy firmness in the wet and dry state and is poor in crease. Together with our printing method it is to be printed to us possibly Paintball-and Custom team Clothing in photo quality, completely by your wishes. On account of the printing method we can renounce completely binding agent and solvent what comes to the environment to good. The pressure is very resistant to ultraviolet rays and other Umwelteinfüsse.
The colours are anchored very strongly in the fibers, so that you take very long pleasure in yours individual paintball clothing.



What is Paintball?

Paintball is a sport them her origin in America has and approx. during 80iger years originated. Meanwhile Paintball of the fastest growing extreme sport and team's sport is worldwide! On the whole planet Paintball with more than 14 million players is led in the ranking list of the most popular fun sports on place three. Two teams line up on a marked out field mutually. This has won to him, it first succeeds the flag which is mostly in the starting point of the opponent to bring back to own starting point. Of course there are still the opponents them the same aim pursue and which try to prevent this.
That's why one has a "Markierer", a sort of air pressure gun the colour balls shoots "to mark" the opponents and to exclude therefore from the play. The colour balls, so-called "Paintballs", exist of gelatin and are filled with food colour of coloured potato starch. As soon as a ball in the opponent bursts and leaves behind colour no matter at which place he was marked, he retires from the play. To put certainly none of the players a rule of the game breaks there is in the field so-called "Marshall" (referee).

What distinguishes Paintball from Gotcha?

One calls the original variation of Paintball "Gotcha". This was played then exclusively in woods or blind area and mainly in camouflage clothes. The today's Paintball has nothing more to do with this play variation to conquer the flag of the opponent up to the aim: The wood was substituted with a football field big lawn and today instead of the trees the players use artificial barricades as a cover! Nowadays also the clothes and the "Markierer" are not held any more in Camouflage, but in coloured, poppigen colours.


Where is Paintball played?

Meanwhile in more than 100 countries in the whole world! Amateur players can borrow on Paintballfeldern, against a fee, rental company equipment and compete on site on the fields against friends in the sporty competition. There are the most different kinds of fields. In the hobby area are the most current scenario Fields. For example, houses, wooden covers or hay bales. In the USA the "hyperball" format is spread very much. This are at the heart of construction tubes vertically in the ground are and with concrete are fixed. In the Turnierpaintball the "Sup'Air" field has asserted itself! These are conceited obstacles in the most different forms. (e.g., cone, tonnes, pyramids, etc.) The clear advantage of these covers lies in the flexibility to be able to move this any time and without bigger circumstances.



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